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Electro sheet stamping

Stator packages made from electro sheet metal for electric motors

The technology of shear-action cutting or stamping is versatile and has a very broad range of potential uses. Stamping electro sheet is one application of this manufacturing process, but at the same time the various processes involved in production and the requirements of tools should not be underestimated.

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The turbo for forming

Brilliant results: The plate carriers are readied for fitting and transferred down a parts chute for dispatch.

Downsizing is one of the trends in car making. An increasing amount of technology capable of enhanced performance is packed into the smallest space. To ensure this functions correctly in the engine or gear box, forming specialists from Feintool System Parts are in high demand. They too are consistently pushing technological boundaries and the limited space available for forming tools. Continue reading The turbo for forming

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Modern developments in fineblanking oils


The advancement of fineblanking technology with more efficient presses and complex tools also gives rise to the need for more effective fineblanking oils. On top of this, some of the materials being processed are high-strength. The development of new fineblanking oils can only succeed when all parameters and the tribology of the overall process are taken into consideration. We highlight some fundamental aspects.

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An ignored success factor: the interaction between tool and press

Feintool employe with press and tool

Alongside many other factors, the optimum interaction between tool and press is a crucial and often underestimated factor when it comes to stably functioning production. Unfortunately, this factor generally goes unheeded due to the organizational separation of tool and press maintenance. Responsibility for errors and faults is unclear, and the bigger picture over all interfaces is not considered.

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Development project: Thermo-fineblanking

Development project: Thermo-fineblanking

A bit of heat is always  good – and it’s with this in mind that Feintool Technologie AG has joined forces with ETH Zurich to launch a development project supported by the CTI (Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation). The primary focus here is on studies examining the temperature-dependent forming behavior of various materials, as well as the development of different process solutions for heating the pre-material.

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Arbeitskreis Feinschneiden: Tackling challenges together and utilizing potential

Arbeitskreis Feinschneiden

Alongside cost-effectiveness and precision, industrial businesses are also facing the challenge of utilizing new technologies for their objectives. Hence, fineblanking companies need to expand their advantage over alternative technologies in order to cater to current trends such as higher-resistance sheet materials, geometrically highly complex forming components, environmentally friendly lubricants and digitization of the value-creation chain in the context of Industry 4.0.

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Why the FEM simulation is an important element in Feintool tool making

Simulation in tool making

The Finite Element Method (FEM) simulation supports various phases of tool making at Feintool. By using the simulation, customers receive a tool which is optimized for future production. The results of the simulations offer additional benefits to the process.

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Fine Blanking cuts into Industry 4.0

An insight into the optimization of presses and tools thanks to data analysis with FEINmonitoring
For the last two years Feintool has been collecting data on fine blanking machines commissioned worldwide. This condition monitoring program was originally developed as a prototype by the press engineering department. These original data points have since evolved to 125 standard data points that make up a product that is available to our end customers. FEINmonitoring offers a solution to help improve press and die efficiency within their production systems.

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